Environment Activists Protest



BA Perkins Scrap Metals Ltd is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution.


Aims and Objectives

To ensure the business strives to operate in a manner which minimizes waste and prevents pollution and that it actively supports the protection of the environment and the recycling industry’s role in the conserving of natural resources, always applying the waste hierarchy rules. 


Regularly monitor our waste performance.

  • Develop relationships with suppliers and customers so that we recognize our environmental codes of responsibilities

  • Meeting or improving upon relevant legislative, regulatory and environmental codes of practise.

  • Promote waste minimization by recycling wherever possible 

  • Educating staff so that they carry out their activities in an environmentally responsible manner.


Policy Rules

The Environmental Policy is one of continual improvements and therefore is subject to frequent reviews and development. The company’s continued environmental responsibility is judged by our customer base, the public in general, whilst being driven by BA Perkins Scrap Metals Ltd.